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Ontario Landowners' Association (OLA) Founding Declaration:


Throughout human History there are eras when every society experiences the darkness of injustice and the long shadows of oppression blanket the landscape. During these periods, collective oppression supplants individual liberty; coercion, intimidation, and wrongdoing become the lawful exercise of authority, and the brightness of prosperity and freedom is but a dim reminder to a bountiful past. Collective security and bestowed privileges become the hands that prey upon the unsuspecting common people and enslave them by deceptively removing their freedom to own, use, and enjoy the fruits of their industry: their private property. It is only when common people rise up and shine the light of knowledge into the deep recesses and crevices of unlawful authority does prosperity reign once again.

Rural Ontario is now home to darkness and our voice is silent and muted within the bureaucratic halls of power in Queen's Park and Parliament Hill. However, our dense urban neighbors voice resonates and echo's with a majority of ignorance, clamoring to deprive rural Ontario of our natural and historic rights, while the urban environmentalist, politicians, bureaucrats, and academics covet, and thirst after our priceless property. What price shall we place upon our property? The cost is our freedom. .

Dense urban Cities intensify, grow, and expand past their means and their land mass cannot absorb the increased population density, nor accommodate the needs of their citizens. Thus, our bureaucrats look to and unjustly control private rural lands, for the continued expansion of urban areas.

The OLA shall defend and promote the principal of strong local governments, democracy, and natural justice and represent the interests of the rural community.

Therefore, the Ontario Landowners will implement cohesive plans to combat injustice, which includes the creation of a new Provincial jurisdiction consisting of the rural lands/counties of Ontario

The Unanimous Declaration of independent Landowners Associations on the 25th day of February, 2006.

Seeking to preserve our rural identities, traditions, security, prosperity, and the fundamental principles of natural justice;

And Knowing that the recognition and protection of the right to own, use, and enjoy property is essential for true democracy and individual liberty;

We Therefore Declare the creation of the Ontario Landowners Association, whose goals and objectives shall be to uphold fundamental principles of natural justice, and to preserve and protect the rights of property owners and to enshrine property rights within the Constitution of Canada and the laws of the Province of Ontario;

And We Resolve With Courage to undertake these initiatives that are necessary to achieve these objectives.

  1. For Rural Ontario to survive, Property Rights and judicial reform must be enshrined into law at all three levels of Government, these being; Federal, Provincial, and Municipal.
  2. Rural Ontario is under systematic attack by government bureaucracy and false environmentalism. The Ontario Landowners have and will continue to expose and meet these threats with determination and resolve in the court of public opinion.
  3. The County Associations of the OLA, will field and/or support candidates for election to municipal office. Once elected, these landowner supported municipalities will pose a strong and united defence against unjust provincial legislation and will enact by-laws for the protection of private landowners and property rights.
  4. The County Associations of the OLA, will field and/or support candidates for election to provincial/federal office. Once elected, these landowner supported members will pose a united front against unjust legislation and unaccountable bureaucratic intrusions and will advocate for the protection of property rights and judicial reform. Should the need arise the OLA will create a political party.
  5. The OLA will hold municipal referendums on de-amalgamation.
  6. The OLA will hold elections for Senators to represent Rural Ontario in the Federal Senate.

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